Guest Post by Donald Ford–Unexpected Benefits of Writing

Donald Ford was gracious enough to give me permission to use his inspiring post as a guest blog. Here’s the story the way Donald told it:

I love going out to a mall with my wife and daughter shopping. They go off to shop, and I  hang out with my book, my pen, and my paper. I’m always looking for opportunities to share and meet new folks. 

Yesterday I stopped into a Tuxedo Rental store. I mentioned I
was looking at renting a tux for next weekend’s National American Miss Pageant for my daughter. I shared that I was retired with a late in life miracle child. Everything is paid for so far, with the help of corporate and individual sponsors, except the room for three nights, the gas out and back, and the tux. So money being tight, I was hoping for the best deal I could get.

She stopped me dead in my tracks, and asked if I was at the New York State Fair last summer sharing stories at the N.Y. State Park tent (See my icon ). “I was there and heard some of your stories; they were good.” Then she said, “I can help you out. I get one free rental a year, and I’ll give it to you.” My jaw dropped. 

I was shocked as she began measuring me for it.

Maybe I’ll change my icon, showing me in my tux next week, so all can see it. A free rental, what a great blessing, and from a stranger turned friend. My wife hugged the clerk, and my daughter thought I looked great in my new rental duds. I personally think I look better in my steel toed boots, and my chain-saw at my side for cutting wood. A Forestry grad.  LOL

Erin will be competing in the talent category as well with a number from Les Mis (“On My Own”). If you hadn’t seen her two numbers from her recent recital, you can catch them on google. Feel free to leave a comment on both or either one. Cheers, Don 

Google: “Erin singing Danny Boy” It is a featured song with over 400 hits in the month.

Short Bio: Don is a well published author across the U.S. and now in Europe with connections in 62 countries.  Check out his recent Book, “Death & Taxes” and a PDF story, “Royal Ferdinand” both at Amazon.  The next PDF-only Book will be “Funny Business” since it is full of color and would be cost prohibitive to buy as a physical book.

You may receive this compilation of short writings to tickle most funny bones by sending $4 to Don Ford.  Contact if interested.  If you have PayPal that would work also.  All
proceeds for this book go to Erin’s NAM Pageant.


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