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Everybody Needs One

When my husband had a cerebral hemorrhage back in January, I spent a lot of time talking with other women in the waiting room of the Critical Care Unit. We compared notes on the illnesses and injuries that our husbands … Continue reading

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It’s Cinderella’s Fault — How I Became the Wicker Stepmother

When you hear the word stepmother, what adjective springs to mind? Wicked, right? I blame Cinderella, but Walt Disney had a big role too, influencing generations of children. Oh sure, Snow White had a stepmother, but she’s more thought of … Continue reading

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Learning to Blog 2

Progress! I’ve learned how to install widgets and plugins. WordPress makes it pretty easy. I’ve added a “Subscribe to my blog” link — see it over on the right in the navbar? That was a public domain widget. I had … Continue reading

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No More Clark Kent

I got my hair cut today, and the stylist changed my part. I had grown up parting my hair on the right. Looking in the mirror, a righthand part made my hairdo look like the magazine photos I was copying. … Continue reading

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Nothing But Time

I used to have NBT2G as my personalized license plate. It stood for “Nothing But Time to Give” — a reaction to a time in my life when I felt surrounded by people who only wanted me around for what … Continue reading

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Last Call

Think back to the last time you called a friend or family member whom you don’t see every day. Now imagine that that call was the last conversation you’ll ever have with that person – are you  happy with what you said? My father … Continue reading

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Welcome to My World

Everyone searches for the meaning of life, or maybe they think of it as their mission in life. I, too, searched for a time. But now I’ve found the mission, the meaning, that works for me. I want to make the world a … Continue reading

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Look! Up in the Sky!

It’s not a bird or a plane, it’s a comet — THE COMET actually. THE COMET is my first published book. It is an illustrated fable about love, loss, and growth. Written with deliberate simplicity and primitive imagery, at first glance … Continue reading

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Learning to Blog

I thought blogging would be easy, but it’s harder than I thought. Oh not the writing — that part is easy. It’s the darned software that’s the problem; it keeps eating my posts. I checked with other authors online and … Continue reading

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