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Colin’s Crossing

This piece won 2nd place in the September Flash Fiction contest in LinkedIn’s Aspiring Writers group, with the paramenters: Historical Fiction, theme: Coming to America, Focus: Uncle Ed’s Store, word limit: 715. Colin huddled into the smallest ball possible and snuffled … Continue reading

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What Would You Do?

When you see a tragic story on the news,  do you wonder why someone didn’t do something to prevent or stop it? Maybe you tell yourself that you would do better in the same situation, but would you? If you … Continue reading

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Stalking the Fugitive Sock

I’m sure you’ve had this experience, too–you’re folding and sorting the laundry, fresh from the dryer, and you come up short a sock. If you’re one of those people who just buys all white or all black socks, all the same, … Continue reading

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