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The Best Present Ever

This memoir took second place in the Aspiring Writiers December Competition. Once upon a time, toys were few, and mostly handmade. Imagination was what made them fun. In “Little House in the Big Woods”, set in the 1800s, Laura Ingalls … Continue reading

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Curiosity Kills

This is the winning entry from the November Aspiring Writers Competition. The constraints were,¬†genre:Murder Mystery, theme: Thanksgiving, focus: Body in a Closet, limit: 715 words. The year’s winners will be published in an anthology by Lebrary. When I found out … Continue reading

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Are Stories Metal or Wood?

Jeffrey Forker posed this question on LinkedIn, after hearing two friends argue about the mechanics of writing. Apparently one referred to “tightening down the screws” on a story, and the other retorted “bolts”. That really got me thinking about how … Continue reading

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Let’s Celebrate Creativity

This is a good time of year to celebrate creativity. First came Halloween, where people strive to be creative in their costumes, yard decorations, and treats. My favorites are the “scavenger hunt” costumes, where people decide at the last minute … Continue reading

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