A-Z exercise: Eat It!

This piece was the result of a challenge to write a short story of 26 sentences, starting with the letters of the alphabet, in order. It was fun.

All the muffin needed to taste perfect was a swipe of butter.
But real butter was dairy, so she would have to settle for margarine.
Country Crock was fast becoming a staple of her diet.
Denying herself the comforting taste of dairy products was getting tiresome.
Especially difficult was not being able to eat cheese or ice cream.
Frozen yogurt was out, but she never liked it anyway and so didn’t care.
Gluten was still allowed, thank god; she hoped that wouldn’t change — cutting out bread was unthinkable.
Her food allergies were definitely taking over her life.
Insulin resistance affected her menu too, limiting the carbs (bread, potatoes, etc.) that she was allowed.
Just when she’d find a food she liked and wasn’t allergic to, she’d find that it spiked her blood sugar.
Kitchens had become depressing places, with their displays of foods she couldn’t eat.
Luckily, she could still eat dark chocolate.
Mmmm, she relished the velvety texture of the designer bars with their high cacao count.
No pale product would do for her; milk chocolate was for babies.
Only the pure stuff could satisfy all her cravings and make up for disallowed foods.
Popcorn was another solace: the fiber in it offset the carbs, and she enjoyed its crunchiness.
Quite fed up with restrictions–she wondered if one could live on chocolate-drizzled popcorn.
RDAs bedamned, she could get vitamins from pills.
Surely there must be some daily dose to make up for the now forbidden meat, fruit, and veggies.
The last crumb of the muffin tumbled to the ground.
Undaunted, she turned to her booklet to read the ingredient lists of her target foods.
Velveeta–surely that’s not REAL cheese–might it skirt her dairy allergy just as well as the veggie stuff did?
What about hotdogs and bologna made from pork and/or turkey–they must taste okay or stores wouldn’t carry them.
X-ing out all the stuff she could no longer have wiped out most of the grocery ads, but there were a few items left.
Zwieback begone, tonight she would EAT!

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One Response to A-Z exercise: Eat It!

  1. Betsy says:

    Unfortunately, gluten DID get cut out of my diet–watch for my new postings about searching for healthy options that taste good.