Stalking the Fugitive Sock

I’m sure you’ve had this experience, too–you’re folding and sorting the laundry, fresh from the dryer, and you come up short a sock. If you’re one of those people who just buys all white or all black socks, all the same, it’s no big deal. You just stick the odd one on top of the dryer until another one goes missing, and then you’re back to even numbers. 

But what if you are like me and are into “kinky socks”–brightly colored, distinctive, even “two-of-a-kind” socks? You can’t pair just anything with that lonely hot pink sock with the heart-shaped polka dots, that came out of the dryer minus its mate.

So the search begins. First you check the laundry basket to see if it clung to the sides. Then you go back to the bedroom to see if it overshot the basket and landed in the closet (or even in a shoe). Then you retrace the path to the laundry to see if it dropped out along the way.

As you get more experienced in sock safaris, you learn to check inside the legs of pants and the sleeves of sweaters. Socks just love to hide inside other clothing. Especially wily are those daredevil socks that cling to the outside of your clothing, showing up only after you are at work, on the back of your skirt or blouse.

But some just seem to vanish into thin air. You KNOW you put both socks in the washer, and then into the dryer, but they are NOT there when you take everything out. You say “the dryer ate it” or consider one comedian’s theory of a black hole generator inside your dryer.

Well, listen to this–I solved the mystery and FOUND my missing socks. Turns out the dryer DID eat them. A while back, my dryer stopped working (the drive belt broke) and I had to get it repaired. When they pulled the drum, out tumbled my missing socks! They were a bit chewed up from making the tortured passage through the narrow crack between the rotating drum and the casing, but they were all there–even the hot pink number with the heart-shaped polka dots!

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2 Responses to Stalking the Fugitive Sock

  1. Dan O'Brien says:

    I really enjoyed this! Thanks for checking out my post, too.

    Best wishes.

  2. I enjoyed the post. And how common a dilemma it is. That was certainly an unusual end to the mystery. I have lost socks but never been able to find them. One particular pair got separated, and only one got washed. It was a long time before I discovered the mate. By the time I found that, I had lost the original, so instead of having one clean sock I now had one dirty sock. I still haven’t managed to get them paired up though I know both are hiding somewhere in my bedroom. In fact, I’m not sure where either of them are right now. :-)